How to enjoy your garden in autumn

With a rather sunny and warm summer firmly in the books, you’ll no doubt have a few fond memories of times spent in the garden these past few months. However, despite the arrival of a distinct autumn chill in the past week or two, your garden escapades for 2021 needn’t be over if you don’t want them to be.

That’s right, your garden can still be open for the autumn season – you just need to make a few changes to make it work. Here’s how you make your outdoor area autumn-ready.

Swap out your furniture where required

If you have a patio and the associated chairs and tables that tend to come with it, you will have to bear in mind that some of your summer furniture won’t do too well in colder, wetter conditions. If you have wooden furniture or furniture with cushions, for example, you’ll need to store or cover it for the autumn period. Perhaps swap some more resilient pieces in, like water-resistant chairs and lighting.

If you want to keep using the same furniture when it’s dry, you can invest in a furniture box to bring things in and out of storage as and when required.

Add some autumn lawn décor

Autumn has a distinct charm, so why not celebrate it with some suitable seasonal decorations in the garden? With the days getting shorter, outdoor fairy lights are a great way to set a welcoming ambience, while a few spooky additions won’t go amiss during Halloween.

For those looking to connect with nature, installing a bird feeder or water bath is a great way to welcome some of the local wildlife into your garden.

Clean the patio and driveway

As the weather declines, you’re likely to see a whole lot of dead leaves, dirt and debris turn up in your garden.

If you’re planning on still using your garden on better days, ensure it’s as appealing and welcoming as possible for you and your guests by keeping your key areas clear.

Not only will it keep your garden aesthetics at their best, but it’ll also help prevent damage to your key fixtures.

Buy a fire pit

If you’re looking to make autumn in your garden a social affair, building a fire pit is the ultimate cosy seasonal accessory. Great for late nights sat wrapped up under the stars with a drink in hand, a fire pit can be the centrepiece of your garden year-round if you have the budget for one.

So, there you have it. You don’t have to be done with good times in the garden just yet – you just need to know how to adapt your garden to the new season to continue enjoying it.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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