How to Entertain Yourself on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

If you often feel anxious on Sundays, you are not the only one. In fact, the issue is so common that the phrase “Sunday scaries” has been coined to describe the psychological effect this day has on us. Millions of people feel so much pressure and anxiety about the following week and the ton of responsibilities it will inevitably bring. They often allow their Sunday afternoons to go to waste by doing nothing productive or exciting.

That is why we have attempted to come up with a few activities you can do if you want to entertain yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon. So, if you need some ideas, please read on!

Play an Interesting Board Game

For years, playing board games has been one of the favorite pastimes for many families worldwide. The competitive spirit they bring out in all players is probably the reason they are so universally loved, so we suggest you give them a shot, too.

There are many different genres you can choose from — you can go for a basic family game, such as Monopoly. Or, if you are into testing your dexterity, you can try something like Jenga. Of course, popular party games, like Pictionary, could bring lots of fun, as well.

However, if your family prefers playing on smartphones, we suggest trying out a board game from the Play Store, such as Board Kings. This way, you will get an opportunity to enjoy rolling the dice with your family and friends, with a modern twist.

Whichever way you choose to go, make sure to have fun and keep things civil. Don’t let your drive to win get the best of you — it’s just a game, after all. 

Prepare a New Meal 

If you and your family are fans of trying new kinds of food, maybe you should skip going to a restaurant for Sunday dinner and try cooking together instead. You can start by thinking of a meal that you would like to try together. If nothing comes to mind, you can always find some delicious recipes for everyone’s taste online.

Next, you’ll need to visit the supermarket and the local fruit and vegetable store, which could be a rather fun experience for the entire family. For example, each person can get a list of ingredients they need to track down. The one who manages to find all the items first can enjoy the first bite of the finished meal. 

Finally, when you come back home, you can start working on your dish. Don’t forget to involve everyone, even the children. This way, the entire family will feel a sense of accomplishment once the meal is done. 

Of course, even if your dinner doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, you’ll still get to have a lot of fun with your loved ones, and nothing beats that.

Try Your Luck 

Games of chance are certainly something you can try playing with your friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon if you want to find the luckiest one among you. There’s a considerable number of different genres, and your friend group will probably manage to find something that everyone will enjoy. For example, you could go the old-fashioned way by playing some fun card games that have been around for generations, such as Patience, Go Fish, and Poker

If you are into more modern games, you might want to give Poker Heat or another similar smartphone app a chance. In games like these, you can compete against your friends and prove how easily you can outsmart them. Since nothing is ever deleted from the Internet, you will earn some long-lasting bragging rights, which, in our opinion, is an excellent prize.

Image by Doerge from Pixabay 

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