How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe – Tips to consider

The summer season has hit us with record-breaking heat waves this time and the only natural solution to cope with the weather seems to be a pool party! Hosting a pool party is a great way to get rid of the heat while it gives you some leisure time together with your loved ones.

While a pool party is thought to be all fun and games, it is crucial to ensure safety as well. With countless hazards around, pool parties have a record of horrible accidents. You definitely would not want yours to be remembered with such a tag!

Here, we have some tips for you that would help your pool party be completely safe for your loved ones and might as well be their favorite of all times!

  • Pool fence

The first and the most effective measure is perhaps installing a fence by your poolside.

The fence will help kids stay out of the pool and no supervision would be needed. Fence gates must be away from the pool, must open outwards, and be self-closing.

  • Alarm system

Alert yourselves on the opening and closing of pool hates by installing alarm systems by the pool. An underwater pool alarm system would also be effective as it detects wave activity. This would alert you if anyone falls/jumps into the pool.

  • Ensure a rescue equipment/first aid kit with you – Periodically Check the pool equipment

Make sure you have a rescue/life tube that is used to pull someone from the water in case of drowning. The rescue equipment should be stored near the other pool stuff where floats, tubes, toys, and cleaning equipment are. You also have to make sure that it is always in a good condition. Along with the inside pool equipment you also need to take care of what stays out. Check that your heated towel racks for your pool house are clean and germ-free for the advantages they can serve. Make sure that the area the pool is surrounded by and other essentials of the pool is clean and nonslippery too!

  • Store chemicals safely

Pool chemicals help the spread of disease-causing germs in the water. However, they can be the reason for severe injury if used improperly or mishandled. Pool chemicals should always be stored and kept in ventilated areas.

  • Set pool rules

Lastly, Educate your loved ones! Hold a session before the party starts on what pool conduct is unacceptable as you are in charge of everyone’s safety too. What can be included in the basis of pool rules are as follows;

    1. No diving into shallow water
    2. No pushing anyone
    3. No running on the pool deck
    4. Make sure the adult is around if you don’t know how to swim
    5. Don’t hold anyone ­underwater

Photo by Ferdinand Asakome on Unsplash

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