How to make your new tablet work for you

A mobile tablet is an extremely handy device, even if you already have a smartphone and/or a PC or laptop. More than just a halfway house between those two mediums, the humble tablet comes into its own in many situations.

Whether you’re traveling, lying in bed, working around the house or organizing an event, the combination of processing power, decent-size screen and lightweight portability makes your tablet indispensable. Indeed, while your phone may feel like your secretary or PA and your laptop can sometimes feel like your boss, you may soon come to look upon your tablet as your new best friend.

Getting started

For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume that your tablet runs on Android, as this is by far the most popular and arguably the most versatile operating system for these devices. However, most of the recommendations still apply if you’re using an iPad or Microsoft tablet.

Once you’ve followed the instructions to go through the initial set-up, there are a few further tweaks you can make to get your tablet working at its best. First, optimize the battery life. You’ll want to take advantage of all the things your tablet can do while on the go, but even the best models will run out of charge relatively quickly when you’re streaming movies or working online.

Apart from settings you can’t alter, the biggest drain on your battery is screen brightness. In normal circumstances, set this to 50% brightness: this should be more than enough for most uses. If you’re working in a dark space without too much outside light coming in, you can set this even lower. Even zero brightness can be enough to work with. Let your eyes adjust and figure out the minimum brightness you can comfortably accommodate.

Add some widgets

One of the reasons why Android is such a widely used operating system is that it’s highly flexible and easy to customize with HD widgets. Adding these will let you personalize your home screen and enhance your interface. Add shortcut links to your favorite sites, such as online gambling Texas, so that you never miss out on the latest welcome bonuses, special offers and casino games. You can also add a digital clock, local weather updates, and so much more.

Bring on the apps

Alongside widgets and shortcuts, to get the most out of your tablet, you’ll need to download a good selection of applications. In a sense, your tablet is just a blank canvas waiting for you to add the apps you want. First of all, download a good file manager. This will help you keep track of and access all of your other apps, files and folders. The more you put on your tablet, the more you’ll appreciate having this there in the first place.

One of the great pleasures of having a tablet is being able to watch movies and TV shows wherever you are. Having a few downloaded is great for when you can’t get online, but these soon eat up your storage space, so make sure that you’ve got some major streaming apps installed. We’re talking about Netflix, Hulu and your favorite channels so that you can enjoy great content on the go without having to wait for it to download.

Add Kindle or a similar e-reader: your tablet is an ideal shape for reading e-books. The same goes for comics, and ComiXology is a great site for catching up with your favorite graphic novels online.

Security and efficiency

 Not as exciting but absolutely essential is making sure that your tablet is secure and not doing things you don’t want it to do. Turn off any services you don’t use, such as Bluetooth, location access and cellular. Not only can these pose a security risk if you don’t need them, but they’ll also drain your battery even if you’re not using them. Next, download a comprehensive antivirus and protection package. Extras to look out for include antitheft processes that will let you track your tablet if it’s stolen, lock your tablet remotely and wipe personal data.

Connect to the cloud

 If you haven’t already done so, set up your Google account to get immediate access to Gmail, your calendar and contacts. This also means that you’ll be able to back up the contents of your tablet automatically to Google Drive so that your photos, music and documents are doubly safe. Other cloud services are available, but Android tablets are optimized to work best with Google.

This should be plenty to get you started. Remember, in many ways, your tablet is only as good as the apps you have installed, but everyone’s tastes are different. Have fun and keep your tablet handy!

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