How to Start an Online Casino Business with a Remote Team

Studies show that remote working appeals to more and more people worldwide. The main reasons for this are achieving a better work-life balance, cutting down on commuting time and costs and to have more time for hobbies, sports and other interests. Last year when the coronavirus pandemic reached Europe many governments encouraged or even forced companies to offer remote working to their employees. A few months in and companies and employees realized that this would work in the long run. 

Some industries – e.g. car manufacturing – obviously cannot offer remote working, while fully online businesses such as iGaming are perfectly fit to do it. In this article, we are discussing with Péter Deli, Hungarian online casino expert what it takes to start up an online casino business with a remote team. You can read more about Péter here

Company set up for fully remote companies

Many Hungarian companies that operate online use the tax advantages and the ease of company setups offshore countries offer. There are a handful of offshore countries that specialize in offering background structure for the online casino business. For example, nomini casino is registered in Curacao but other iGaming centres are Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Costa Rica. As the office space is rather expensive in these countries, often some or all of these companies’ operations are done abroad or using remote workers or freelancers. 

How do I hire someone for a small business?

Hiring the right employees is not easy. When you hire an office employee you will have a chance to interview them, perhaps make them do a test without online help. Once you hire them you can be observing how they work and you will be there to answer their questions. 

However, when you hire somebody remotely you will have to trust them to do their job properly. Remote workers should have the following characteristics:

  • Tech-savvy: it is best if they can fix small computer issues and are able to troubleshoot problems themselves instead of relying on outside help. 
  • Motivated: you cannot have a worker who needs to be nudged all the time. You will need motivated people who want to do their best and not just pretend to be working and hoping to get away with it. 
  • Communicators: perhaps it is ok for a shy person to do administrative tasks in the office but you want people who have great written and verbal communication skills and can express what they need and convey their ideas effectively. 

When you are on the lookout for employees from Hungary for your remote business you can use platforms such as LinkedIn to headhunt for talent. On this platform, you can look at peoples’ CVs and contact them through messages. If you are looking for Hungarian speaker employees another great platform to use is Hays. The international recruiting experts have a database of job seekers who speak English and they can help you with the recruitment process.

Tools to provide for remote workers

Setting up a home office for remote work is partly the responsibility of the employee and partly the responsibility of the employer. 

Remote employees should make sure to have:

  • A designated space for work
  • The right equipment such as a keyboard, extra screens, webcam
  • Reliable internet connection

Employees should provide tools and equipment such as:

  • VPN service to ensure company data is secure
  • Laptop or PC 
  • Cloud-based storage services such as Google Docs or Dropbox
  • Chat platform such as Slack
  • Video conferencing platform such as Zoom
  • Task management system such as Asana

Other tools to consider are: 

  • HR software solutions where employees will have their data and where they can apply for holidays etc. 
  • A payroll software to process the end of the month payroll in accordance with law and taxation. 

Remote workers vs freelancers

With certain jobs, you can consider hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees. Projects such as content writing or marketing can be done by freelancers on an as-needed basis. 


Setting up an online casino business remotely is perfectly possible. While you won’t have to pay for expensive office space, a handful of softwares will be necessary and you will need to have trust in your remote employees. 

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

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