How to Travel Cheaper: 10 Tips for Tourists

Avid travelers and not only dream of traveling around the world. One obstacle in the realization of dreams is money. But there is no such a thing as a hopeless situation. The main thing is to approach the issue consciously, using these tips.

Book Flight Tickets in Advance

It’s cheaper to fly if you book seven months in advance. Such a maneuver can save up to 15%, letting you spend this money on something different, like Avalon78 games or exhibition tickets for museums you are going to visit during your vacation. It isn’t advantageous to buy a ticket just before departure – the cost will be the highest. The day of departure also matters – it’s cheaper to fly on weekdays than on weekends.

Buy tickets for both destinations at once – it will be cheaper than if you buy them separately.

Choose a Time to Vacation in the Off-season

Plan a vacation out of season when the resort is free from the influx of tourists. Prices for tickets, accommodation and entertainment will be more attractive at this time. Good months for a holiday at most popular destinations are the second half of November or January, February and March, October. You can also fly to Dubai in summer if you aren’t afraid of the abnormal heat. In Europe, the best time to go is in September, when you still have time to enjoy the sun, for example, the Balearic Islands in Spain, and pay less than during the peak vacation.

Subscribe to Airline Sales

Most airlines have discounts on tickets. These rules also apply to luggage that is already in the carriers’ inventories, but there is no point in manually tracking them down.

Save on Small Items on the Plane

If a long flight is expected, take a snack on the plane. Food on board is expensive, the price of a bottle of water will cost 2 to 3 times more.

Reduce luggage as much as possible to avoid paying for excess weight. Weigh it in advance, so as not to be upset at the airport later. The main thing isn’t the amount of things you take, but the new impressions in the upcoming trip. And the cheapest option is to go without baggage, and then you don’t have to pay for its transportation.

Popular Resorts That Are Well Advertised Cost More

The sea and the sun in Sharjah is as good as in Dubai. Lyon is no less romantic than Paris. And hotels in Alanya are often as comfortable as in Belek. Often resorts are separated by just a couple of hours drive. Don’t “get” the promoted names of resorts that raise the price of accommodation and leisure just for fame.

Take Time to Prepare for Your Trip

In order to avoid unreasonable expenses, plan a trip thoroughly. Study the new country in detail to learn the traditions and habits of the people. 

Nowadays you can find out from home the cost of a cab on the other side of the globe. Museums and other places of interest often have free days. For example, the Louvre invites you to visit for free on the first Sunday of every month. Calculate your vacation to the last penny, considering the smallest details.

Don’t Neglect the Two-star and One-star Hotels

Often in such hotels for a much lower price you can get the minimum necessary conditions for a quite comfortable stay. Moreover, booking rooms in apartments, hostels, guest houses, rental apartments allow you to significantly save on accommodation.

Don’t be afraid to book accommodation away from the city center – not only hotels but also public catering facilities are cheaper there.

Find an Accommodation With a Kitchen

Apartments with your own kitchen will allow you to eat cheaper because it allows you to cook on your own. This is especially advantageous if you go on a trip with the whole family. Buy products at the markets or inexpensive supermarkets.

If you cannot get your own kitchen, ask the locals where you can eat tasty and cheap meals. Surprisingly, often the most run-down cafes and restaurants serve quite appetizing dishes.

Take with you on a trip noodles or instant mashed potatoes, sausages, candy bars, chips – all this will not take up much space in your luggage, but it can significantly reduce the cost of food.

It’s no secret that in many countries bottled water is expensive. So, when checking in, buy water at the nearest store and before leaving the hotel always take a couple of bottles with you. By refusing water in restaurants or cafes and replacing it with store-bought water, you can reduce the budget by at least 10%.

Use Public Transportation

The subway and bus are not the most comfortable options. But it’s cheap enough – otherwise cabs will be a major expense. Download a public transport schedule on your phone and get on your way.

Europeans prefer bicycles because they’re environmentally friendly and good for your health.

Download Travel Apps

Nowadays these apps have useful information for tourists, providing access to hacks, which will make your trip budget.

Photo by GeoJango Maps on Unsplash

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