How to Use Art in Interior Design

The artwork adds details that define the interior design. It should not be underrated. Sadly, for many homeowners, it is merely an afterthought once the paint has dried and the furniture has been delivered. Of course, the colors, textures, and layout matter. Still, art can accentuate or spoil your design.

Adding the right pieces of art is one of the most transformative aesthetic tricks. Coupled with hardwire picture lights, they enhance the color, dimensions, and textures. These guidelines will help you choose the best type of art for your personal space.

1.  Choose Wisely

The artwork should reflect your style and match the interior. It is perfectly acceptable to choose art objects first and decide where to place them later. If you are fascinated by the colors, you could paint the walls to match them or select furniture that will accentuate the shades.

2.  Learn to Group

Grouping several items together can enhance the proportions of the wall space. For example, this works for photos, drawings, and small-scale prints. Plan in advance. Layout all the objects on the floor and look for the best arrangement. You could cluster them over the stairs, above the couch, or along a wall. Note that other items, such as paintings, are best hung alone.

3.  Do Not Go to Extremes

Covering entire walls with artwork is a terrible idea. Allow enough space between the items. Decide what you would like to accentuate.

If the space is limited, add art in more creative ways. For example, incorporating artwork into your headboard works wonders. It creates an ideal focal point. The combination also adds depth and texture.

4.  Mix Styles

Using different types of media will enhance the overall design. Artwork is not limited to photographs and paintings. Consider adding posters, prints, or magazine covers. If you are into vintage interiors, you could find suitable paintings at your local auction house or antique market.

Remember that art does not have to be expensive or stuffy. It should communicate your personality and enhance the interior design overall. Carefully chosen items will transform your space and tie the objects together aesthetically. Do not perceive art as an unapproachable domain.

5.  Avoid Using Nails

Finally, the way you hang your art also matters. Instead of ordinary nails and screws, use special hooks for picture hanging. They are strong enough to hold big weight — up to 100 lb! To keep your artwork level, use two hooks per item.

The Bottom Line

Make your home cozy and relaxed by choosing the right artwork. Use various media, group some items together, or accentuate their aesthetic merits by keeping them sparsely placed. Artwork does not have to cost a fortune. As long as you like it and it enhances your interior, your choice is correct.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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