How To Wash a Car in the Garage

Washing your car is an essential auto car process that you should take on approximately every two weeks. Unfortunately, you don’t always have a convenient day to perform this task outside. If it’s raining, snowing or you don’t have a shaded area to wash your car outside, follow these steps to wash your vehicle inside your garage. Enjoy a clean exterior before throwing on a custom truck covers or car cover for your stunning ride.

How To Wash Your Car Inside With a Drain

Most garages include floor drains to allow water to effectively drain from the entire garage. Here are the basic steps to washing your car inside a garage with a floor drain:

  1. Prepare your car wash kit
  2. Wash and rinse your car
  3. Rinse your garage floor
  4. Dry your car

These steps are basically the same as outdoor car wash steps, but there are a few considerations you need to make with every step. As you prepare your car wash kit, consider which attachments will work best in a garage. A cramped garage may not be the best place to use a pressure washer or other high-powered device. If you have a spacious garage and everything around you is sufficiently waterproofed, then you can safely use a pressure washer inside. However, if you have a gas-powered washer then you shouldn’t run it inside an enclosed space.

Take some time to inspect your garage and its contents. Is there anything around your car that shouldn’t get wet? Papers, cardboard boxes and other items are often stored in garages, so be sure these items are secure before running a hose in your garage. Many garages have exposed timber and drywall that isn’t sufficiently waterproofed for high-moisture conditions. Consider waterproofing your garage if you plan to routinely wash your car inside it.

The drying step is crucial before using car bags for storage on your vehicle. Placing a car cover on a damp car can trap moisture and promote mildew and other issues.

How To Wash Your Car Inside Without a Drain

Not all garages have a convenient drain in the middle of the floor. You’ll need to use more caution if your garage doesn’t have a drain, but you can still wash your car inside in this situation.

Perform the same preparation steps, taking care to remove any items from the garage floor that shouldn’t be wet. You’ll want to invest in a large floor squeegee in addition to your normal care cleaning tools. Simply use the squeegee to periodically push water out of your garage to avoid it pooling. Thoroughly rinse your garage floor to prevent soap residue buildup from damaging the concrete. Perform a final squeegee to remove any standing water at the end of your wash.

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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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