Huey Briss & Nikobeats Bring It with Raw Rhymes & Production on Black Wax

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Black Wax, the new album out from rapper Huey Briss and producer Nikobeats, shows that raw lyricism and laid-back beat production will never go out of style.

Briss, from Long Beach, California has been cranking out music from the Internet since May of 2014 with a 7-track EP titled “ASH LIGHTLY” via Bandcamp. His rapping ability feels natural from the combination of his vocal tone to the effortless ability to ride with the beat and tell his personal narrative.


“Gil Scott Never Lied,” featuring legendary Beat Junkies DJ and producer DJ Babu, is the first track off Black Wax. This track should be heavily appreciated for paying homage to Gil Scott-Heron. Gil Scott-Heron was a key member in revolutionizing hip-hop and soul music during the 1970s. Scott-Heron may be best known for “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” which was a spoken word piece released in 1971 in which the lyrics mentioned or alluded to multiple television series and icons of entertainment and news that the revolution would stand to go against.

In “Gil Scott Never Lied,” Briss highlights parallels from the past that are still happening presently in today’s society:

“So many woke ass rappers that’s getting slept on ‘cause they don’t understand that these n*ggas are living dead wrong and listening to you is looking in the mirror so I just be myself and hope that they can see it clear. Read between the lines, listen with yo eyes, the finesse won’t be televised, Gil Scott Never Lied.”

Respect not only goes to paying homage to revolutionist Gil Scott Heron, but also for having DJ Babu scratching on the track.

Nikobeats, producer and son of DJ Babu, remains humble despite having a well-known father and allows his music to speak for itself. Despite being a young producer, his choice of samples throughout Black Wax displayed the skill producers must have to match a music sample with the right drums.


It was executed perfectly throughout the project but even more so in “LADY BLUE.” The piano sample matched the melancholy mood of the song. “Who for the season, who for the reason? Blood, sweat and tears I’m still breathin’.”

Black Wax isn’t the first nor last collab Huey Briss and Nikobeats will have. “GURU I MISS YOU” is a single off SoundCloud from the two that pays respect to a legendary MC from Gang Starr. Check the song out here:


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