Hurul Ayn: “Unraveling the Pain”



Adunni crawled under her duvet

Tears trudging  like a winter ball

It is about to happen again

The moment she shivers the most

& prays for wishes to hide in a hole

But it won’t contain her whole

Just like always

Her clothes will be patted down

Her body in slow then fast motions—

And each time he hits her she sits there

And obeys every rule

Like a king Adunni’s body is a kingdom

He rules—her blood boiling in her vein—

A flicker in every flame

But today’s tears will not soak this duvet in vain

I am Adunni

Tonight i crawl for i am done being weak

My voice cannot longer be tamed because

Behind this mask there is a story

Hear me now

Don’t turn me down

Yes I need help.”


This is part of Nigerian Voices Today, a 7-week series featuring young Nigerian poets, curated by Babatunde Babafemi. Check out Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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