I Am Not A Virus

I Am Not a Virus Artist Statement 

Coronavirus has brought out the worst in some people and has caused the hate spread towards Asians to surface. Unfortunately, hate speech and violence has always been around, but COVID-19 has brought the issue to the forefront.

My piece has collected many words used against and to describe Asian people during this pandemic. I wanted to create an image that embodies the phrase “I am not a virus,” which is the phrase used by many other vocal artists at this time. The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to this issue and to express that our race does not define us, and we should not be barred or treated differently because of it.

— Lina Finley (digitallina)


a digital art image called I Am Not A Virus, showing an asian woman in a purple shirt with a yellow background, her hair and mask made up of phrases of discrimination

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