IHRAF Books Publishes Voices of Africa, a Pan-African Poetry Blockbuster

Voices of Africa: A Call for Freedom


front cover Voices of Africa: A Call for Freedom
Voices of Africa: A Call for Freedom, curated & edited by Mbizo Chirasha

It is not a secret that Africa is a beautiful continent, a wonderful global region endowed with multi-cultural humanity, a wealth of raw indigenous accents, tribes, and clans. Africa glows with the gleam of the ever-smiling humanity and womanity, the glory of the ever-shining moon and sun. The face of Africa is written unto great riverbeds of the Nile, Pongola, Zambezi and more. The stunning tropical rainforests offer a greenbelt that beautifies Africa like a gorgeous bride strutting in a dark green militant wedding gown on its wedding day.

Africa is a song. It is a song of Tanganyika, Azania, Ghana, Madzimbabwe. It is a song carved in the heart on Nzinga, Nehanda, Kinjikitile, Nefertiti, Nomvula Madikizela, Mama Kakurukazi Mungunda, Mandela, Lumumba, Nkurumah, Achebo, Neto, Senghor and more.

Nevertheless, today Africa is a living irony, a breathing paradox. Former African liberators are now unrepentant Napoleons drinking the rich yellow of freedom eggs. In the Sudan, children are squashed under the grind of bullet thuds. In Kisangani, mothers drink tears of war for breakfast. In Maiduguri, lives crush under the terrorist metal shoes like anopheles. Cameroon is a den of voracious tigers and vivacious lions. Mali consciences are buried in sand dunes. In Azania, South Africa, the stomach of the gun sings more baritone than guitar strings. In Zimbabwe, corruption is the polish to spruce up parliament tarmacs.

Africa is a living paradox. It chokes dissenting voices to extinction and thrashes freedom voices to smithereens like millet. This volume fights back against all of that, with the pen that is mightier than the sword.

Voices of Africa: A Call for Freedom, published by IHRAF (International Human Rights Arts Festival) Books, is an exhibition of brave, candid, and militant voices, voices calling for freedom, freedom from autocracy, independent from manipulation, liberation from pseudo-revolutionary movements, corruption-oiled ideological imbeciles sniffing damning propaganda in political corridors, turning political seats and presidential castles into butchers and looting machines. This collection sends a powerful message to African political, economic, and cultural leadership. The Voices will sanitize the unrepentant legions we call leaders into morality and sanity. This anthology is a mix of multi-cultural African poetry of all regions and all ages super-powered by the solidarity of an international breed.

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