Why it is so important to equip the nursery correctly

Planning out the nursery can be one of the most fun parts of any pregnancy. Thinking about what nursery equipment, toys and best crib mattress to purchase. Remember that your baby will grow at lightning speed, and soon instead of planning a nursery and choosing a small crib, you will be planning a child party for the birthday of your daughter or son. If you’re into interior design or not too bothered, it doesn’t matter – were going to take you through everything you need to know. It’s very important that you equip your nursery with the correct nursery toys and equipment that is going to keep your child safe, entertained and will give them a head start in life. Let’s find out more!

Crib or Bassett?

There are two choices that you have when it comes to your child sleeping. If you’re going to purchase a bassinet, your child can only really sleep on it for around six months before they grow out of it. It has the benefit of being able to be wheeled around easily, moved into different rooms et cetera. This can make it beneficial if you want to co-sleep with your child.

Cribs are more of a long-term purchase that your child will be in every single day for a number of years. We would highly recommend going for a convertible crib. One of these can be easily changed into a bed for your toddler and some models can even change into full-size beds. In summation, if you are on a budget, the above are going for a bassinet this time.

Changing station

Changing the little ones is important, and there are generally two choices that you can make. You can go for a changing table which a lot of parents like because they make the whole experience less stressful and quick, or you can opt for a changing pad that can be easily placed on top of other furniture. Whatever you go for, make sure that you can place the baby at the correct height for you. You won’t want to strain your back by bending down to change diapers all the time. When talking to the smart folks at Top-Mom, they recommended purchasing a changing table because it gives you the additional option of storing products that you need for changing within the furniture.


You may not think about much, but the mattress is a very important purchase to make. It’s not as easy as just walking into your local shop and picking up whatever is the cheapest product. Bad mattresses can actually be unsafe. As an example, IKEA has had to recall two popular products because children got trapped between the mattress and the crib. Firmness is also another concern. We would highly recommend purchasing a firm mattress because studies have shown that it can actually reduce the if sudden infant death syndrome. Organic options are also available and are brilliant if you’re concerned about any potential off-gassing of chemicals that could be used to make mattresses. You’ll be surprised just how many chemicals can leach, so always do your research and go for a well-established brand.


It is very important to purchase a humidifier because the air that is too dry can cause viruses and bacteria to spread. We would thoroughly recommend getting a hands-on one, especially during the winter when there was less moisture in the atmosphere. There are all sorts of brilliant options available, even cute models that would really work in terms of nursery decor. One of the best things about humidifiers is that they can also keep your baby’s sinuses free from blockage, preventing them from getting as sick during the night.

Baby monitors

Last but not least, it’s vital to purchase the baby monitor so that you can keep an area out for any disturbances in the nursery when your baby is sleeping. You can also keep an eye out if you want to – a lot of modern models contain visual monitoring capabilities. Babies do need their beauty sleep and you will want to do anything that you can to make sure that they get this. It’s also a handy tool to have if you want friends to babysit for you.

Nursery equipment and everything you need

Now that you’ve read our brilliant guides, you’ll be well aware of what nursery equipment baby needs. As a final word of advice, purchase children’s nursery equipment from reputable companies because there are a lot of shoddy products out there, unfortunately. Hopefully, you won’t find the whole process of taxing and will set things up to give your child a bright future.

Do you have any nursery equipment tips that you’d like to share? As in the comment section below.

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