Pandemic and quarantine have produced their own genre of music video: the global communal sing, recorded by individual artists sheltering in place, then mixed and edited together. The best of these is #ImStandingWithYou, beautifully orchestrated and inventive with its shared screens.

#ImStandingWithYou was created by award-winning Director Gev Miron and multi Emmy Nominated composer Sharon Farber, who have joined forces with 11 time Oscar Nominee iconic songwriter Diane Warren to bring this global production to life, featuring lead singers from virtually every continent and an orchestra and choir of more than 150 musicians. The Oscar Nominated song was arranged and produced by Ms. Farber, and the unique video was directed and edited by Mr. Miron. Together with Ms. Warren they produced the project and all proceeds are donated to the UN Corona Relief Solidarity Fund. “As artists, we can utilize our art and help others by elevating their spirits and at the same time, encourage others to do the same by joining the #ImStandingWithYou movement and sharing their inspiring stories on social media. We hope that this project will help unite people around the world who now more than ever need to feel connected.”

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