In Praise of Cultural Daily: Babatunde Babafemi

Nigerian poet, community organizer and librarian Babatunde Babafemi has been writing and publishing his work in Cultural Daily and other publications over the past few years. More recently, he has focused his incredible energy and commitment to literacy in his community, especially the young.

Cultural Daily has been a proud partner in working with Femi on “Nigerian Voices Today,” featuring the work of dozens and dozens of overlooked poets and essayists in currently writing in Nigeria. We have also been honored to continually support his incredible project The Yellow House Library, a community gathering place and lending library that encourages people to read and inspires them to write as a community.

This is why Babatunde Babafemi believes in the continuing space that Cultural Daily provides.

Please help us remain a crucial space where new voices from around the world can begin to thrive and inform the generations to come.



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