In Praise of Cultural Daily: J. Indigo Eriksen

Poet and professor J. Indigo Eriksen continues to inspire students at Northern Virginia Community College in Woodbridge, VA.

We are incredibly honored to team up with her to give the students in her classes, many of them recent high school graduates, to publish their personal essays on Cultural Daily. In a series called “This I Believe,” named after the NPR podcast of the same name, each student is tasked with writing short essays that dig into what has shaped and shaping their lives, what it means to be in the world as a young person, and in what things they place their beliefs. For most, if not all, this will be their first time publishing their work.

Professor Eriksen (or Professor Indigo as her students refer to her) shares her thoughts on why this all matters and what your continued support of a platform that is open to them, such as Cultural Daily, means.


Please help us remain a crucial space where new voices from around the world can begin to thrive and inform the generations to come.


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