INNER PEACE: An image and a poem

Twelve years ago, having come, at retirement age, to a multiple parting of the ways with academic career and marital experiments, I felt the need to make the point, to figure it out if at all possible.

Facing today the normal final years of life I wish to share, with the upcoming Next Echo generation, an image and poem telling of a search for inner peace: that most precious thing.

Among the images I produced during these twelve years, none speak to me of that search as well as these three oranges in diffused incandescent light inspired by the work of the late 19th century Quebec painter Ozias Leduc.

inner peace
Inner peace – in hommage to Ozias Leduc

Among things I wrote during these twelve years none speak, more clearly to me, of that search than the following lines, and which I have inserted since in a collage of images bearing the same title.

ca 2005

Nothing is as it appears to be
only the light is so,
as we borrow it to be,
or to make it appear we are
what we appear to be.
Along the watery river run,
or its asphalt equivalent,
we string out our moods,
among all those things
carried along the stream,
we may encounter, if lucky,
those enduring things and beings
that know how to look up
to the light.
We may then learn
how to see,
best of all,
how to sing and dance
to the light!


And the search goes on!

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