Cultural Weekly Reader Founds Innovative School in Indian Slum

What a community we are!
Cultural Weekly reader Newneet Ranjan is setting up a recycling school in an Indian slum, and making a documentary about it.
“Having limited resources ignites a creativity lost to many living in abundance,” says Nawneet. “Innovation is a survival skill in slums as people create products, architecture and services from nothing. How awesome would it be if these skilled inventors benefited more from their ability to innovate?!”
Nawneet has launched an indiegogo campaign to start the school, rent the space, develop the curriculum, and pay for for some of the filming to spread the message of this project. He needs to raise $50,000 by January 10, 2013. Contributions are tax deductible through a charitable organization.
Watch the video below, then go to Nawneet’s indigogo page and help him share his vision. Here’s an innovative idea: Support this project in the name of people on your holiday gift-list.

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