Is IPL the first cricket Premier League?

Indian Premier Cricket League became extremely successful during 11 years despite the scandals it faced. A Premier League earns a lot and sets world records. Bet on IPL to get the most beneficial odds in the online betting.

The story of success: IPL first came to YouTube

The IPL season is intense in April and May with 60 competitions in the tournament. Within two months, each team plays 14 games, with each opponent at home and away.

The schedule is organized so that no more than two games take place in one day, they are divided into timeslots. The playoffs for the top teams use a double-elimination system. The semi-finals and finals are not series, but single matches.

The league recognized YouTube broadcasts as a successful experiment that allowed to expand the audience. But then it still focused on the usual players on the TV market. The league gradually introduced digital rights into the overall package of the copyright holder. Gradually, they became a valuable lot on their own.

How did the league achieve such results?

Analytical company Duff & Phelps calls even more serious numbers in its report. According to its methodology, the brands of the top IPL clubs are worth more than 100 million, and the entire league is worth 6.3 billion. What are the secrets of success?

  • One of the best moves in the league is to create great conditions for attending IPL competitions with no teams. The Indian love for cricket allows it.
  • IPL organizes fan parks and creates in them an atmosphere similar to the stadium. Guests are offered entertainment and provide a lot of opportunities to spend money.
  • In fact, this is a scaled version of the fan zones that FIFA organizes during the World Cup. Only in India, they cover those locations where top-level cricket does not come.

The league intelligently uses the sale format: at the start of the IPL, eight franchise owners were chosen this way. Separate sales were announced to replace the banned clubs with the freedom to win a slot in the league for two seasons.

  • A few months before each new tournament, the IPL holds an auction of players. This is how it manages to rotate the teams and maintain higher competition.
  • Each club has the right to protect up to three players from last year’s team. The remaining budget is managed by top managers, coaches, and analysts.
  • All players are divided into baskets according to their status, each with a minimum starting price. The auction starts with the strongest and most expensive.

In January 2018, everyone had 70 million per team regardless of club sponsors and other income. The league determines the limit on spending on cricket players and the players’ salaries grow from year to year.

IPL is the first cricket Premier League: what should we expect?

The Indian Premier League is developing surprisingly quickly on the local market. Even with periodic serious problems, the IPL management maintained significant growth in key audience and financial indicators.

  • Mega-popularity of cricket is the result of unstoppable work.
  • There are five and a half thousand only professional players in the country season.
  • More than a billion Indians were interested in IPL in one form or another.
  • Thanks to high-quality work in different directions, IPL became the first cricket Premier League.

Indian media writers often compare the IPL with other models of developing a business in sports. So far, in global comparisons, the IPL is still inferior. But given the only 11-year history and its growth pace, new historical achievements should be expected in the coming seasons. That is why it is quite reasonable to expect new records.

Photo by michael weir on Unsplash

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