Isuzu Panther – A Multi-Purpose Pickup Truck For Your Hold

Have you been making plans to purchase a new luxury car? If so, then the isuzu panther might be one good call from your side. You can avail multiple models, starting from Rp 286.6 to 342.3 million. So, depending on the amount you are comfortable at spending, you can select the best multi-purpose pickup trucks for your daily run.

Also known as a multi-purpose vehicle and one major pickup truck, this Isuzu Panther was manufactured by the team from Isuzu from 1991 till 2020. It was developed in Indonesia for the current Southeast Asian market. Later, the second generation Panther came into the market, which was further manufactured and marketed in India under the name of Chevrolet Tavera. This same name was used in the Indonesian market for the gasoline version up until 2005. It got developed alongside General Motors as part of the “160 Project.”

Perfect addition to your package:

This particular model is great for carrying out larger loads of the passengers or cargo. It was mainly developed for meeting some local conditions in terms of roads, climate and family structure. So, this one is a durable vehicle you can come across. This panther is noted to be quite popular in the Philippines and is noted as a different name as Hi-Lander. Later, it came to be known as Crosswind. In Vietnam, this same model is known as Hi-Lander.

The first generation model:

The first generation Panther was first introduced in Indonesia in 1991 and it used to be a pickup truck. Some people used to call it as a coachbuilder made station wagon. It comprises a long body with 2.3L C223 diesel engine.

  • However, the difference between the long and the short wheelbase are around 200mm in length.
  • The Total Assy station wagon was assembled by the PT Pulogadung Pawitra Laksana and was introduced in the year It was available in Deluxe, Standard, royal Hi-GLX, Grand Deluxe and in Hi Grade trim versions.
  • It was in 1996, when the first generation Isuzu Panther received its very own restyled headlamps. Furthermore, it came with a newly designed front grille and 2.5L diesel injection based 4JA1 diesel engine.
  • The Station wagon version at this stage was available in Hi Sporty, Sporty, Hi Grade, New Super, Royale, Deluxe and Grand Royale versions.
  • The Hi Sporty and the Sporty trims were known for their sporty body kit and comprise of two-tone exterior based color options.
  • Then you have the Hi Sporty and the Hi Grade trims with higher ground clearances.
  • In the year 1999, the Grand Royale trims and Royale trims were replaced with the New Royale trims.

Later, when the new second generation Isuzu Panther came into the market, the first generation pickup truck continued its services and production until 2021. The first generation panther is currently available in Flat Deck, Standard and GD 3-Way. The first generation pickup truck’s front grille was face-lifted two times, and in 2006 and 2009. Later, the headlights were changed into the crystal based multi-reflector headlights. The company furthermore rebranded the first generation Isuzu Panther as the Isuzu Pickup and presented a turbo-changer for matching up with the euro 2 emission rules.

More on the second generation Isuzu Panther:

This second generation was first introduced on September 6th, 2000 with the aerodynamic and completely rounded shape of the 21st century. This vehicle is loosely based on the Isuzu MU and you get to share the design of the same dashboard as the Isuzu Faster or KM or TFR. It was also quite similar to that of the Isuzu VehiCROSS, and all from the same era.

It is currently available in just its station wagon version and with the very old2.5 L direct Injection 4JA1 diesel engine. It will feature the multi-reflector headlights in the second generation for the very first time. You can get this truck in a short wheelbase, which is now available in SM base and with mid-level SV and Hi grade SS trim levels. You can also get a long wheelbase, which is available in LM base, Mid-level LV and in Hi Grade LS trim.

So, be sure to check out all the possible options and focus on the features of the modern Isuzu Panther generations, before making the final purchase.

Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

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