Itzel Sanchez: “Untitled”


He must persevere
is this what it has come to
He is the only one who can help
The oldest at only sixteen
He might not see them for years
His old parents are struggling
But he is proud
he uses them as motivation
He knows they are depending on him
that this is how he will repay them
So he does what he must
The people here do not like him
But family matters more
They want him to leave
If only they knew
They see a criminal
This will be a way to make his father proud
They know nothing of this “intruder
Not a rapist, drug dealer, nor thug
a way to make mom less worried
The caretaker of the family
The provider for his sick father
Work or work were his options
The decision was not hard
Destined to be just another worker
So he steps up to the plate
he knows exactly what he was signed up for
But keeps his family in his heart
running from the dogs
Afraid of the voices yelling right behind him
to him it is a way out
He looks towards a better life for his future family
Send money back for them is the only mentality

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