Jamal Carter: “Two Words”

Two Words


Two words
Divided States
Rich, poor
Crime rates

East west
Need rest
Get money
Mind States

Two sides
Same coin

Pay attention
Slave conditions
Packed prisons
Rage, joy

Stressin’ out
Cold streets
Hold heat

Thugs bustin’
Grim facts
Gats spittin’
Those screams

Crooked cops
Shootin’ us
Indoctinatin’ “Education”

Many places
That’s all
Owned by
Free Masons

Health care
Main stream
Wack rap

Mary Jane
Tap that
Land feels
Trash that

Behind scenes
Rule shit

Armies with
Full clips
White as
Cool whip

Taxes, madness
Fattest asses
Lay offs,
Pay costs

Payin’ debts
To these
Snake skinned
Bastard fascist

Face off
Brain washed
Can’t cry
Can die

Living that
Fast life
I’d rather
Slang rocks
For Palestine

This may
Sound bleak
Yeah y’all
It’s true

Cash ruins
Every thing
Around me
In sight

Sky scrapers
Skid row
Was good
Got ugly

Power hungry
Hell yeah
Mother fuckers
Got munchies

No joke
Cut throat
Must express
Must flow

False impressions
Rigged elections
Sick Recessions
Useless votes

People hatin’
People frontin’
Middle fingers
No relations

Steady prayin’
For our
Economic situation



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