Jason Salguero: “Restraining Death”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)

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Past memories guffled up
Today might have been good
Morning or night, what is mind with all these thoughts
Burdens should be ruins
If so they run, all the hope that was once used as a way to cope
Smoke releases all despair to repair a hope when everyone said no
Why so concerned about my goals?
If not a referee might as well red card those negative attachments
Sucking out life force
Death was around the block
Told it was time
I said “No, street’s closed”
Response was “Is that so?”
“Told you street’s closed plus it ain’t even my home”
I locked the door
When he realized, he was in a cell that couldn’t open or close
Broke a law
To me, it’s like the world shouldn’t even know
It all started with something called hope
Yet some say no, others ignore
I say false hope ain’t right
Just ignore what I’ve done for the world
Just remember it brought hope

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