Jessica Ordaz: Three Poems

Balance & Sync

Sometimes I stop and stare at the clock’s hands
They move in rhythm with each other
Never off balance
Never off sync
And I remember a time when we would act in rhythm
Never off balance
Never off sync
Yet my blood comes to a boil
And my eyes cloud with tears
When I remember you are no longer a hand to our clock
That you are ticking every day with another
Never off balance
Never off sync
And I wish I could be that hand once more
And I wish we could tell time together again
And I struggle to see what made the other hand better
And I realize I will forever be
Always off balance
Always off sync


Terms and Conditions

Late at night
When I lay to rest
My heart aches in disagreement
To all the terms and conditions
It was forced to sign for
And it’s the moments of remembering
That intertwine themselves through my atoms like rope
Creating knots of judgement and insecurity
Creating problems I know I can’t solve
Because we’re all just programmed robots
And I lack a few codes on my part


Midnight Silhouettes

In the darkness while I stare at the wall
As I wait for my eyes to numb themselves shut
It’s your midnight silhouette that I see
And as my vision fuzzes up
And as my hands lose feeling
And as my chest gets heavier and heavier
It’s the stained memory of your smile
That lulls me to sleep

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