Jessica Thompson: “Brilliant Blue”

Brilliant Blue

Through the dark clouds the sky still Brilliant Blue.
Even amidst the storm?
Even amidst the storm the sky still reigns Brilliant Blue.
Brilliant Blue remains. Brilliant Blue doesn’t change.

I choose you…

I choose you Brilliant Blue.

Even in the storm, the sky still-

Brilliant Blue.

Brilliant Blue, I choose you.

Underneath it all, there I am,


Can I find myself in the mist-

in the storm of my thoughts.

Thrashing and crashing about

I scream and I shout,

to brisk through to whom I was conceived to be.

The me that is under me.

Deep in the sea.

Can I get there?

I need a snorkel so I can breathe during the journey

to my Brilliant Blue.

The Brilliant Blue that is deep within me and deep within you.

Move past the surface, swim pass the shore


arrive to

the Brilliant Blue.

that Brilliant YOU.

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