Jill Sobule is making her first album in 9 years, and she’s crowdfunding to do it

When they say, ‘We want our America back,’ well what the fuck do they mean?

You remember that song from Jill Sobule, one of our favorite troubadours. Jill has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her first album in 9 years, and we’re all pitching in.

As Jill explains:

Last month at an “industry” party, I overheard some bro say that songwriters really lose it after 40 because they can no longer write impactful, relevant, creative songs. I interrupted his conversation and told that young brat that he was an idiot. My goal in life ever since has been to prove him wrong. He is my new nemesis.

I truly believe that my new songs are some of the best I’ve ever written.

Will you help me destroy My Nemesis?

Head over to her Kickstarter page and help her over-fund this campaign!

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