Joshua Don Jones: “Close Your Eyes”

Close your eyes

and imagine
you’re running

a million miles an hour

and life is passing you by
and you’ll miss it

if you blink
You’re about to blowout
and hit a wall

and black out
so before you do
you should take

some time to
count your blessings

Stop living

in the rear view mirror

Take a glance
learn from your life lessons
and keep moving on

You don’t have to pretend

to be strong
as you’ve been doing

for so long

Change your mentality
and get rest

I don’t care what

you’re going through
You’re alive today
so I say you are blessed

You’re trying your best
but you keep coming up short
Find some support
and carry on
Find someone

to lean on
because we are

not meant to
carry our burdens

I’m certain of this
Life may not be all bliss
but I have He (God)
who helps me

through it
So I say
on this day

Here I am
Here I stand
Here I live
In Grace


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