Juan Bueno: “Jung Live$” (Feat. Balam Garcia)

Juan Bueno

  • Los Angeles Native.
  • Born & raised in Cypress Park (NorthEastLA).
  • 26 years young

Mentored by LA Renaissance Authors / Poets suchas: Mike “the Poet” Sonsken, Michael Templin, Lynn Cohen, Monique Mitchell, Dante Mitchell, Brianna Taylor, Darrio Serrano, Steve Isoardi, Forest “ForestPunk” Wilson III, Francisco Escamillo “Busstop Prophet”, Jared “BlackBird”, & N. Rigby.


Jung Live$

West Coast

Riders of the Storm..

We Live the ultimate OG in my tombstone

Fly like an Eagle when I Mentally soar
Life ain’t a game, we stacking cash like Legos

Juan Bueno the Don
I rose from Fuego
Ashes 2 Ashes
Dust 2 Dust

I roll sipping Gin & Tonic that Sarah Poured up
Nobody make a move until we say so..

This where the End brings a new Beginning
We Celebrate Life


Gamblin dice, the streets tempted by Vice

Keep the faith, Keep the Pace
Always moving like Angels with no Halos
Find your strength


This a song for the Warriors,
Womyn who seeking Warmth
Life’s Cold,
Spread your Love like a Torch

Night Ballads in the bright sky
Starry futures lead the way
We made it at last..

I, travel
solo in my minds eye
Carry Music through the Pain


This is what the story paints..


Jung Lives die alone, crying souls
No One Knows where we headed
So we pray “Dear Lord, can you save us?”

Empty Voices, echo in basements, blood boils in veins
Vacant minds take their time God Bless, God bless

I see Tears burning, Hearts yearn for Peace
We Defend Dignity, Live Fearless Universally
Illuminating Dreams, Keep the Unity
Peace, Love – Infinite Energy

Who Knows, where all this is going?
Nobody really knows what’s going on
I take an Educated Guess
Bring my City Hope
All I Know is
Knowledge is Provisional..

Peace, Love
Find your home Rolling Stone
Shine, Gold
Fly, Soar

Infinite Energy
God Bless, God Bless

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