How Kara Scott Keeps a Poker Face

Kara Scott could be mistaken for many things, including a glamorous film star, a high-powered executive, or even a supermodel. She has all of the talent needed to succeed in any vocation, but she has chosen poker as her career path. Her rise through the ranks has been swift, thanks to a keen poker sense and a voracious appetite for learning strategic gameplay. She routinely cites hard work as the reason for her success in the world’s most competitive card-based game.

While many players have come and gone, and Kara Scott has seen many of them, she is the one with the staying power. She works hard to study the game, talk about the hands she’s been dealt and respect the players that she’s competing against. Kara makes a point of acknowledging that not everybody plays the game to become a professional poker ace. But if going pro is something that the ladies are interested in, then a strategic mindset is the only way to get there. Satellites offer the best possible path to fame and fortune if your poker game is up to standard.

The Kara Scott Story – Rise to Prominence and Dominance


Unbeknownst to few folks, Kara Scott was actually a prominent TV personality before she got involved in poker. She admits to never having played a hand of poker until she started hosting a TV show for the game. Like so many others before her, she was smitten by Texas Hold’em poker and quickly took to it. She was so determined to succeed in this fantastic game of skill, wit and strategy, that she poured all of her energy into the game. Prior to becoming a poker aficionado, she was applying for a TV gig in London. After many auditions went sour, and with nothing going her way, she attempted one final audition. It was make or break time. She got the impression that everything went south, but she was wrong.

A week after she auditioned in London, she got the call that she was selected for the part. After that, her career started to blossom. She worked alongside some of the biggest stars in the business while at 888poker, her current happy hunting ground. Guys like Bruno Politano of the World Series of Poker in 2014, Chris, Dominic and Sophia from the EPC (European Poker Circuit) are friends of Miss Scott. But Kara Scott’s biggest influence in the industry comes from her dominance as a female player. Fellow 888poker ambassador, Natalie Hof has been tipped as one of the rising stars in the poker industry. Kara routinely speaks of her fondness for this highly talented female poker star.

How Much has Kara Scott Pocketed Along the Way?


A lady never tells… but Kara’s record is way too impressive to keep it under wraps. Back in 2008, she finished in the top 2% of contestants and walked away with $41,816. In 2009, she competed in the Irish Poker Open and claimed second place for a whopping €312,600. Fast forward to 2013, Kara Scott competed in the Main Event of a Paris poker tournament and walked away with $26,937. Money aside, Kara is one of the staunchest supporters of introducing the fairer sex into the game of poker. She is one of the best advocates of women in poker and she has doubled down on her efforts to get ladies interested in the game. Now that she has teamed up with 888poker as its hottest ambassador, she has a platform to promote women in poker. She joins an incredible team of competent professionals and personalities who have dominated the poker scene globally.

How are Women Doing in the Poker Industry?

Kara Scott is but one of many highly successful female poker players. While Natalie Hof is regarded as an up-and-coming poker talent, her and Kara are not lone voices in an overwhelmingly male-dominated poker arena. When it comes to opportunities available to women, Kara is adamant that women are just as competitive as men. Over the past decade, dramatic changes have taken place with female poker players. There are more female faces in the crowd than at any time before, and one such poker ace is Vanessa Selbst. Other top-tier poker players include Celina Lin, Cate Hall and Rachel Kranz. Many of these women are already iconic figures, and Scott gives them mad props as ambassadors for the industry. Women may be relatively new additions to the highly competitive poker arena, but their presence is being felt across the spectrum.

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