Katherine Koch: Eight Watercolors from 2020

Katherine Koch has been an artist and a painter since her childhood spent with her poet dad (Kenneth Koch) and his artist-writer-friends.

Previously based in New York City—she now lives in Oaxaca, Mexico—as an artist, she’s known for her delicate, yet passionate abstracts. In these works from 2020, Koch expresses her thoughts in that most difficult of painting techniques—watercolor—of which she is a master.

Katherine Koch has a mantra that guides her, i.e., she paints ”all [her] thoughts.” So it’s natural that the images from 2020 bounce among worlds and dangers and people and colors. These eight abstract watercolors are seriously beautiful images, brave and hopeful. At the same time, perhaps they also express a certain sadness over the events of 2020.

Cultural Weekly is proud to present what amounts to a virtual art show featuring Katherine Koch’s 2020 watercolors—we hope you’re inspired to take the tour and enjoy the show.


Socrates’ Ice-Cream Garden

Moving The Renaissance Furniture Blue

Mary Ann’s Virginia Field in Fall

Gliding on River Stones Blue Ridge

The Nineteen-Sixties

Circus Trick

An Audience of One

The Mermaid’s Green Room

Photo credit: Maricela Figueroa Zamilpa.

About the Artist

Katherine Koch, a visual artist and memoirist, has shown her paintings extensively in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. In 2019 her most recent solo show opened in San Pablo Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico; her work was also featured in a group show at the Cynthia Winings Gallery, Blue Hill, Maine.

In addition to awards including residencies and a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, she has worked collaboratively with writers, musicians, and theater artists.

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