Katie Lashley: “Today until Tomorrow”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,
There is a name for each and every day.
I call this one, the day I met you.
The day I’d never met someone I thought was true.
The day you saw the greatest in me, as I showed you my greatest self.
I bared my soul,
And hid completely at the same time.
So you’d never have to see these hideous flaws of mine.
And with that, I was fine.
But unfortunately, those moments were only today.
Not enough for all the memories I knew we’d create.
Today I’ll always remember,
but never tomorrow.
Which won’t be the next time the sun rises,
Or the morning after tonight, when it sets.
Tomorrow isn’t the next day,
Or the next day, or that next day.
It’s in the distance, when we age,
While all that’s between us finally fades.
Try as I might to resist, I promise to forget you.
Each day, detail by detail,
Time will erase our tale.
I feel the need to explain,
Though to you it may never make sense.
The fact that someday, tomorrow,
I won’t even be able to recall your existence,
But I’ll forever stay remembering you today.

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