How to Keep Your Beard Squeaky-Clean

Having a long, thick, and luscious beard is a dream most men have. However, beard grooming has never been easy, which is why a lot of men are disheartened to try and grow one. Beards are great for protecting your skin and keeping it moisturized. But by protecting your skin from becoming dirty, beards collect a lot of dirt themselves.

Therefore, keeping your beard clean is not an easy task. Just like our hair, we should wash it regularly and use certain products to keep it healthy and vital. There’s a big difference between having a bush on your face and a rich beard everyone will envy. Studies show that most women find men with beards attractive. Therefore, let’s see what this difference is and which steps to take to keep your beard squeaky-clean and looking good at all times.

Be Mindful of Your Beard

The first step to keeping your beard clean is to try not to get it dirty. If your beard is new and you are just growing it, this might be a tough task. Depending on your lifestyle, your beard might become dirty easily or it might take some time.

The moment when your facial hair could suffer the most is when you’re eating. It’s not uncommon for food or drinks to drip down your lips and onto your beard. If that happens, don’t just wipe it and forget about it — that will create a germ-breeding environment. Instead, when you finish eating, give your beard a thorough wash to freshen it up.

Choose the Right Shampoo

Just like there is a myriad of hair shampoos out there, there are countless beard shampoos available as well. However, not all of them are good so you should choose wisely. Buying the wrong kind of shampoo for your beard might do more harm than good.

When choosing a shampoo, make sure to get one that will cleanse, soften, and hydrate your facial hair, such as HiLee on Amazon. A good shampoo should have few chemicals and artificial ingredients, and be based on a natural and organic formula. That way, you will ensure that your beard is not stressed out and will not be stripped of its essential oils.

Wash Your Beard Regularly

As we mentioned, your beard, much like your hair, gets dirty easily. Therefore, you should make sure to wash it regularly. Part of your daily routine should be to give it a quick rinse with water. The best time is in the morning when you wake up and cleanse your face.

Once or twice a week, you should wash your beard with shampoo as well. You might feel that is counterintuitive, but you should not use shampoo every day. No matter how good your beard shampoo is, it will destroy the balance of natural oils in your beard and make it look unhealthy and disheveled if you overuse it. When washing your beard with shampoo, use a small amount, rub it in gently for a couple of minutes and then make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

Constantly Learn

Your beard will never stop getting filthy, so you should never stop trying to be better at keeping it clean. World’s beard grooming knowledge is constantly improving, so you should try to keep up with new products and cleaning methods.

The best way to do that is by researching and the best place for that is India. Why do you think so many Bollywood actors have luscious and awe-inspiring beards? If you are a beard grooming specialist, you should consider traveling to India and taking a course there. In that case, consider obtaining Sim Raj, Indian SIM card for foreigners, which will make it easier for you to get around in the country.

Beard Oils Are Essential

We do not have much to say here, as a lot has already been said. Never forget to give your beard some love with a high-quality oil. There is nothing more important for keeping your beard clean and neat than the regular use of beard oils. Choose an oil with a natural base and go for the smell you like and think ladies will dig as well.

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