Keeping Track of Family Photos on Instagram: How Photobooks Can Help

You could say that old-school photobooks are outdated. It’s somewhat of a rarity that people print out pictures and put them into a photo album. Instead, we store them on our camera rolls and forget about them until we randomly stumble upon them again. Still, when family life moves so quickly, it can seem like those moments blur into one. One minute the kids are toddling around and wanting to be in your arms; the next minute, they’re teenagers who refuse to leave their rooms.

Instagram, however, is the perfect platform for keeping track of family photos that don’t become lost in the depths of your camera roll. Read on to see how you can use the platform to keep track of family photos and how photobooks can help.

Using Instagram To Keep Track Of Family Photos

There are multiple ways you can use Instagram to keep track of family photos. Step number one, you actually have to get them on Instagram. Upload them, filter them, crop them – do whatever you’ve got to do to get them on the gram. Fear not – if you simply want to upload them without anyone seeing them, you can archive them. Click on the three dots in the top right corner once you’ve uploaded a picture and click archive.

You can also create story highlights of the things you upload to your stories. They’re like a highlight reel perfect for looking back on family memories. Similarly, you can also save all of your Instagram lives.

How Photobooks Can Help

Ok, so you’ve got all of your images on Instagram, but what do you do next. Excluding the highlight reels, they still become jumbles of photos, just like your camera roll. Well, in comes photobooks to save the day. Instagram pictures book is the perfect way to collect all of the most precious family memories that you’ve uploaded to Instagram and put them into a beautifully designed book that you can hold in your hands.

The beauty of it is that you can design it exactly how you like it. Do you want it to be just a family holiday photobook? You can do that. Do you want it to be pictures of only the kids? You can do that. Get creative and see how your Instagram photo book turns out.

How To Create A Photobook

All you have to do is connect your Instagram page and filter out all the photos you don’t want to keep. Do this yearly, and you’ll have all your wonderful family moments to look back on. It’s as simple as giving a professional company access to your images so they can put them into your uniquely designed photobook. We love this idea because it’s so much different than a standard photo book. There’s so much content that most people upload to Instagram with stories and posts that it’s the perfect platform to make a photo book from.

Using platforms like Instagram and Facebook to create a photobook is the modern thing to do. Most of us are so attached to our social media pages and upload everything we think is special enough – and if it’s special enough to go onto Instagram, it’s special enough to go into a photo book.

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

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