Kerala: 7 Best Things to Do with Your Family and Partner

Kerala, fondly known as “God’s Own Country,” is a tropical paradise in southern India. It boasts an array of landscapes, from serene backwaters and pristine beaches to lush green hills and exotic wildlife. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Kerala offers a plethora of experiences that cater to all ages and interests. Here are the seven best things to do in Kerala with your family and partner, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

1. Explore the Backwaters on a Houseboat

One of the quintessential experiences in Kerala is cruising the backwaters on a traditional houseboat. These floating marvels glide through a network of tranquil canals, offering a unique perspective of the lush countryside. As you drift along, you can observe local life unfolding on the banks, from children playing to women washing clothes and fishermen casting their nets. Houseboats come with modern amenities, making them perfect for a romantic escape or a family adventure. Many Kerala honeymoon packages include a stay on these charming vessels, providing an intimate setting for couples to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty.

2. Visit the Hill Stations of Munnar and Wayanad

For those who love cooler climates and scenic landscapes, the hill stations of Munnar and Wayanad are must-visit destinations. Munnar, famous for its sprawling tea plantations, offers picturesque views, mist-covered hills, and an array of outdoor activities. Couples can take romantic strolls through tea gardens, visit the Eravikulam National Park to spot the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, and enjoy the serene ambiance of the Mattupetty Dam. Families will also find joy in visiting the Tea Museum and partaking in nature walks.

Wayanad, on the other hand, is known for its lush forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and ancient caves. Exploring the Edakkal Caves, with their prehistoric rock engravings, is both educational and fascinating for children and adults alike. The Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Peak, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are other highlights that make Wayanad a family-friendly destination.

3. Relax on the Beaches of Kovalam and Varkala

Kerala’s coastline is dotted with beautiful beaches that cater to different tastes. Kovalam, with its crescent-shaped beaches and shallow waters, is ideal for family vacations. The Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach offer safe swimming spots, water sports, and opportunities for beachside relaxation. The calm ambiance and well-maintained facilities make Kovalam a favorite among families.

For a more laid-back and scenic beach experience, Varkala is the place to be. Known for its dramatic cliffs and mineral springs, Varkala Beach offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea. It’s also a popular spot for yoga and meditation retreats, making it perfect for couples seeking tranquility. The beach is less crowded, providing an intimate setting for romantic walks and sunsets.

4. Experience Wildlife at Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park, located in Thekkady, is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. This protected area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, and various species of birds. The best way to explore the park is through a boat ride on Periyar Lake, where you can spot wildlife in their natural habitat. For a more immersive experience, consider guided jungle treks and bamboo rafting.

Families will enjoy the informative and engaging programs offered by the park, such as nature walks and wildlife safaris. Couples, on the other hand, can revel in the romantic setting of the dense forests and serene lake, creating lasting memories amidst nature.

5. Discover the Cultural Heritage of Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, reflecting Kerala’s rich history. Strolling through its narrow streets, you’ll encounter colonial-era architecture, ancient churches, and bustling markets. The Chinese Fishing Nets, a unique legacy of the region’s trading past, are a sight to behold, especially at sunset.

Families can visit the Indo-Portuguese Museum, explore the Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace), and admire the Jewish Synagogue, which dates back to 1568. The Kathakali performances and Kalaripayattu (traditional martial arts) shows provide an entertaining glimpse into Kerala’s cultural heritage, captivating audiences of all ages.

6. Indulge in Ayurvedic Wellness Treatments

Kerala is renowned for its Ayurvedic wellness treatments, which offer holistic healing and rejuvenation. Many resorts and wellness centers across the state provide authentic Ayurvedic therapies, including massages, detox programs, and yoga sessions. For couples, indulging in a couples’ spa treatment can be a deeply relaxing and bonding experience.

Families can also benefit from these wellness retreats, with treatments tailored to alleviate stress, improve health, and promote overall well-being. Whether it’s a soothing massage or a comprehensive wellness program, Kerala’s Ayurvedic centers promise a rejuvenating experience for everyone.

7. Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Alleppey and Kumarakom

Alleppey, often referred to as the “Venice of the East,” is famous for its intricate network of canals, lagoons, and backwaters. A houseboat cruise here is an idyllic way to soak in the scenic beauty and experience the local culture. Families can enjoy fishing, village walks, and traditional meals cooked on board, making it a wholesome experience.

Kumarakom, located nearby, is another gem known for its bird sanctuary and serene backwaters. Couples can relish the peaceful environment, indulge in birdwatching, and take leisurely boat rides. The lush landscapes and tranquil waters provide the perfect backdrop for romance and relaxation.


Kerala is a treasure trove of experiences that cater to both families and couples. From the tranquil backwaters and scenic hill stations to the pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting state. Kerala tour packages for family and Kerala honeymoon packages offer well-curated itineraries that ensure you make the most of your visit. Whether you’re exploring the wilds of Periyar, soaking in the serenity of Munnar, or indulging in Ayurvedic therapies, Kerala promises a memorable and rejuvenating holiday. So pack your bags and set off to discover the myriad charms of God’s Own Country with your loved ones.

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