A Ballerina Should Always Look Up, Even If She Can't See

Looking at the Stars is a USC Thesis Documentary about the first and only ballet school for the blind located in São Paulo, Brazil. The filmmakers have launched a Kickstarter campaign so they can shoot this summer; they need to raise $16,000 by February 5, 2013.
“Always look up and do what you love”: that’s the lesson that Fernanda Bianchini teaches all her students. Fernanda started the ballet school for the blind program 16 years ago, teaching a dozen girls when she was only 15 years old. Despite people’s disbelief, Fernanda has persisted in teaching the blind ballet and the Fernanda Bianchini’s Association of Ballet and Arts for the Blind is now used as a reference all over the world.
The filmmakers plan to begin filming the rehearsals and performances of the ballet school in late May as the Ballerinas prepare for their biggest production to date, “Sleeping Beauty.”
Watch their video below, then go to their Kickstarter page and help make this project happen!

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