Ladypoints in the Right Direction

Ladypoints is a web series that celebrates women who define success in their own terms and shares how they do the awesome things they do. Each episode aims to provide interviews with awesome ladies that will empower and inspire young women – making their creative ambitions less mysterious and more accessible.
It’s the brainchild of four whip-smart recent college grads who are pretty awesome in their own right – take a look at the video below. They launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 by April 21, 2013, to finance the first full season of Ladypoints. Just before we posted this, they achieved their initial fundraising goal, and now they are going for $7,500.
“After reaching our original goal so quickly, we are really excited to show our audience an even wider range of women who are doing amazing and creative things. With the extra money raised, we’ll be able to travel in our second season to places beyond New York City and tell even more stories,” Samantha Knowles, one of the filmmakers on the project, told us.
Here are four people who are doing something about the gender inequity in our society and offering some positive inspiration. We hope you’ll support them by going to their Kickstarter page and pointing them over the top of their go-for-the-gold fundraising goal.

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