Weba Garretson's 'Such Is Love' Needs Yours

“We’re asking for your help to turn this piece of cardboard into an LP,” says singer and performer Weba Garretson in the video for her Kickstarter campaign. Weba has always been a unique and gifted artist, and one of Los Angeles’ rare treasures. Such Is Love will be filled with pop chamber songs and grew out of Weba’s love affair with Brazilian music reimagined and reinterpreted; she calls it Brazil by way of Echo Park.
The LP will be real, genuine vinyl, in a limited edition of 500. Why vinyl? Weba feels these songs need a bigger frame than a standard CD. Besides, vinyl’s cool. Why a limited edition? ‘Cause it’s art and music in a combo-pack.
Watch her short video below, then go to her Kickstarter page and show some love. This project needs to raise $3,500 by August 31, 2012.

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