Who's the Greatest Band Ever?

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Greatest Band Ever

Here’s a project that’s crowd-funded and crowd-voted.

Night Shift Design Cooperative creates projects that use both crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing to allow people to get more involved in design. They’re creating an infographic-style poster that answers the question, “Who’s the greatest band ever?” They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign and need $10,000 by May 13, 2013. A $1 contribution gets you a vote; a $30 contribution gets you a vote and a poster.
The middle section of the print is divided into 100 equal squares. Each band that gets at least 1% of the vote will get a square and be represented on the poster. If a band receives 10% of the vote then they get 10 squares on the poster and so on until all 100 squares are filled.
Watch their Kickstarter video below, then go to their Kickstarter page and cast your ballot with your wallet!

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