KingCyril Ita: “Nightfall In Lekki”


Never talk of peace and justice to me
When i am a helpless voice
Preyed upon by a heartless pharaoh
Nightfall has come
This land is in doom
And i am the lamb slain in this land of helplessness
You still have a cause to fight
So do not slumber that death held me tight
Live and live, do not in love stay apart
For tonight, it is my own last night.

With their gestapo approach
They murder us with no reproach
Nightfall in Nigeria
We are the citizens whose lives
in this hell, we are made to yell
Every night we are in the streets
Slaughtered by this tartarian agents.

Where is my right?
What is my crime?
Gnashing of teeth, the pharaoh rules
Rights denied, i am a woman in pains of parturition
So now that i died in this hellish land
For the course so just, let my blood
no matter how dark the night is be a reason to never slumber
For nightfall has come, do not be in coma.

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