Kyana Morgan: “Seasons of the Year”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)


In June begins the sunniest time of year,
When the clouds are gone and the sky is clear,
And the birds fly softly through the wind

While singing their rather famous tunes
That we catch onto in the afternoons,
As we watch for the sunset to begin.

As the summer months pass us by,
It comes time for us to say goodbye
And welcome the new times.

The leaves descend towards the ground,
Without one word or a sound,
Just the colors that accompany the grass.

Just as quickly, the months pass on,
And we are left to immediately bond
With the wolf we all call winter.

The days shorten up and the sun is lost
In the dark skies of cold and frost
That will cover the ground by morning.

The hands of children dive into whiteness,
As it all blinds you with the brightness
Of the snow on the solid ground.

The snow eventually melts away,
As a result of every brilliant sun ray
That beams down onto its existence.

Then finally the snow is away for the year,
And the Spring meadows begin to grow near,
Inviting you to look on in the distance.

The times are lovely all year round,
With the sound of a robin and a hound
Filling the air with harmony.

Just as in harmony we live and die,
The seasons accord to change the sky,
Until the next year to come.

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