Last-Minute Jewelry Ideas for a Breezy Weekend Getaway

Anyone who has been stuck in their house for a whole would desperately need a holiday. It is only natural. Since the pandemic has dawned upon us, we have been in our sweats, glued to our screens. But not that things are going back to normal; a breezy weekend getaway might not be a bad idea.

Picking up and deciding on your jewelry is a big part of any holiday. Of course, it is going to take its time. It should be light to carry around. It should match or go with our planned outfits. And last but not least, it should look good without putting in much effort. In a nutshell, we are just looking for jewelry pieces that are a perfect marriage of form and function. 

We know how tedious it can get to find this kind of jewelry, that too, when you are planning a getaway after so long. To save you from the hassle, we have put together such jewelry pieces that would be just perfect for your much-needed getaway. Have a look.

1. Colorful Hoops

Now that you’re escaping away to paradise, it’s enough reason to try out fabulous styles of jewelry with your vacation wear. Don’t forget; women can also wear these adornments for the rest of summer or add them to their capsule wardrobe. The right vacation outfits will require some sparkle and shine, so think of colorful hoops. The material, shape, size, and range of colors are a must-have to feel the weekend-vibe and enjoy some much-deserved personal time. Tanzanite earrings, colored in a heavenly deep oceanic hue, are the perfect pair of hoops to carry with you. It has a beautiful texture, luxurious feel and can dominate any outfit or occasion with less effort. You may pair these hoops with a cocktail outfit and complete the look by fastening a sparkly diamond bracelet.

2. Beaded Necklaces

Yes, beads are made for hot summer vacations and much-needed breakaways. They’re nostalgic, exciting, layered, and easy-to-style with your basics, such as jeans and crop tops, dresses, or even an oversized hoodie! You can pick this happy-go-lucky accessory in different ranges of colors, sizes, charms, or settings. Famous brands such as Prada, Balenciaga, and Gucci have come with their styles, using cute motifs along with their logos as centerpieces to their beaded necklaces. If you want to feel grounded and are looking for something more meaningful, we suggest getting gemstones. Shungite jewelry, made from a carbon-rich mineral, contains a substance called fullerenes which enables the stone to detoxify the body, mind, and soul and rejuvenate itself. You can use it daily as personal protection from harmful electromagnetic fields and other negative energies, and it helps balance your body’s chakras.

3. Engraved Bracelets

Don’t have the time to pick out dozens of bracelets, cuffs, or bangles, then an essential piece will be sufficient to create the holiday magic. Personalized bracelets are the perfect way to carry a happy memory, remind, relive past moments, or mark an important milestone. They’re ideal for everyday wear, to run errands, business meetings, dates, sleepovers – one would last the whole week or rest of the season without taking it off. For a vacation look, women can make a statement by wearing a diamond-studded bracelet with their initials for an elegant dinner, or style a gold bangle with multiple charms, carrying a unique meaning behind each piece, for a full day of fun! Keep in mind that you can pair it with any of your favorite outfits, and it’s a keeper for your next line of adventures.

4. Charm Pendants

Vacations are the perfect time to create memories, but the preparations for them can be pretty daunting. If you want to avoid cluttering your luggage with too many jewelry pieces, then think of a charm pendant to do half your job. It’s bold, handy, and perfect for a less-is-more look. Keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum, and pair your charm pendant with a scoop neck blouse and your favorite sequined shorts or skirt. You can add a beautiful headpiece or dainty tiara to complete the look. Charm pendants are full of color, express a person’s individuality, and can be layered with several chains for an ‘extra’ look. They’re small artistic pieces of heaven that can add a shot of vibrance to any pastel or light-colored outfit. We suggest a diamond-encrusted coin charm, along with a blue-eye enamel or stone-studded charm to elevate your elegant ensemble.

5. Signet Ring

This summer, signet rings can be your personal style – in vibrant settings, a range of metals, large sizes, and stone-studded details. Gold signet rings are a personal favorite this season, as they allow you to stack slimmer rings on different fingers, and that’s all you need on your hands. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect size, then try a few signet rings on your middle/index finger before finding the perfect fit – it shouldn’t be too large to ache your fingers and yet noticeable enough to flash around town. Another fun thing to try with signet rings is to use any dainty chain and wrap it around the ring as a pendant necklace!

Photo by Andie Gómez-Acebo on Unsplash

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