Leprechauns in Casinos and Language Classes: Interesting Ways the Irish Culture Has Gone Online

One of the great benefits of the internet is in how it has opened our eyes to different cultures from around the world. A good example of how this can be fun and also educational can be seen in the way that the Irish culture has benefited in different ways from worldwide exposure online.

Casino Games Featuring Leprechauns and Other Irish Images

Many of the images that we tend to associate with Ireland are crammed into casino slots that promise to transport us to the Emerald Isle. If we look at the Rainbow Riches slot game from Scientific Games, we can see that leprechauns, clovers, and pots of gold all feature. For instance, the Pots of Gold bonus involves the leprechaun choosing a pot of gold to award a prize.

This is far from being the only slot game to include the Irish theme for some extra excitement and memorable symbols. In fact, this is one of the most popular themes used in many online casinos, with games such as Leprechaun’s Magic Megaways, Luck O’ the Irish Fortune Spins, and Irish Riches Megaways all set in a fun, colorful version of Ireland where leprechauns roam and pots of gold can be spotted.

Online Courses in the Irish Language

The Irish language is also known as Gaelige, and it has been in danger of extinction more than once in the country’s long history. Currently, it listed in the Constitution of Ireland as the national and first official language of the country. Yet, recent surveys suggest that only around 4% of Irish citizens use it on a daily basis outside of classes.

It is now far easier to learn Irish thanks to the presence of classes on the internet. In the past, learning the language outside of Ireland was extremely difficult, but online classes mean that your present location isn’t an issue. This list from the IrishCentral site of the best sites for learning Gaeligie includes Duolingo, Clilstore, and some social media groups.

A Look at the History and Ancient Culture

The first people to live in Ireland are thought to have arrived in 8,000 BCE. Since then, it has been a long and fascinating story of Vikings, Celts, Normans, and other influences. This has all added up to give the country one of the richest histories around, filled with legends of incredible characters and feats of bravery.

The internet gives us the simplest way to learn all about the past on this island, with a variety of free and paid courses explaining all about the Book of Kells, the founding of Dublin, the fight for independence, and much more. At FutureLearn you can choose from seven courses and Udemy also has a course on ancient Irish culture and society, while this guide from The Journal shows us some of the best places to find specific details online.

All of these sites and other online resources help us to understand more about the Irish culture, or else just enjoy some of the most interesting aspects of it whenever we feel like it.

Image by Joey Velasquez from Pixabay

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