Liberated images … off the Red

Deconstructing the Red

What I mean is that the color red has two basic dimensions: the physiological one consisting of a perceptual effect of forward movement toward the perceiver and the socio-cultural one consisting of the uses and meaning that accrue given the physiological dimension, such as the use of red on fire trucks, military ambulances, the torero muleta, traffic stop signs, automobile braking lights, etc. to signify danger, obligation to conform, etc,


Liberating the images off the Red

Looking over the images I have gathered in this post I realize that what ties them together is not only the remarkable presence of the color red but also its not less remarkable ambiguity when it comes to interpret its meaning and uses due to the photographic framing.

Hence the “liberating off the Red” of the image by playing with its information content in favor of its attention-grabbing property, more esthetic than instrumental.

The captions go a certain way to guide the reader in reading the liberating elements.

Liberated images off the Red

our sign bury street
“our” sign on “bury” street


school door front or exit?
school door … front and exit or exit only?


museum ticket and cloakroom tag
Museum ticket and cloakroom tag …  a colorful pair not easy to lose


Ordinary apple
Ordinary apple … after leaving Eden


More to come …


Credit Maurice Amiel for all images

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