Liberated images suite for Next Echo


Suite as a musical genre, suite as in “donner suite” i.e. follow up, suite as open-ended enterprise, on CW or elsewhere.

Suite as in “tout de suite” i.e. right away, I hasten to go weekly to beat the ominous budgetary deadline of September … reader, please hasten to donate!

Liberated image

These four images were taken by a roving eye and a liberated image attitude in relative independence, if not transgression, of the “programmed” type of photo documenting a text.

Their reality is the only message I wish to communicate: “I was there” as my mentor Lee Friedlander would say about his work … the looker-reader is invited to interpret them as he or she sees fit.

As such they may be seen as constituting a political and aesthetic manifesto of sort previously presented.




mixed lighting
Mixed lighting


Super moon
Super moon


Brick wall
Brick wall


More to come …


Credit Maurice Amiel for all images.

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