Library Foundation Issues Statement on ALOUD

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles issued a statement today, indirectly responding to a petition circulated that protested the August 27 firing of Louise Steinman and Maureen Moore. Steinman had founded the literary reading series ALOUD and had been its director for 25 years; Moore was its associate director.

We will be doing additional reporting on this story in coming days.

The Library’s full statement is as follows:

We have been listening to many voices invested in our public programming and realized we needed to expand our reach and relevance in new communities throughout Los Angeles. This decision was not intended to exclude the individuals our programs currently serve, but rather to expand our work to a larger audience in Los Angeles. The core of our vision is to present programs that strengthen and support the Los Angeles Public Library as a vital resource for all our city’s residents.

We have created a new public programming department that includes programs such as Lost & Found at the Movies, special exhibitions, ALOUD, Teens Leading Change, and more. While we do not discuss confidential personnel matters, we greatly honor the legacy of ALOUD and the dynamic role it has played in the cultural life of Los Angeles and will continue presenting its vibrant conversations. We also recognize that Los Angeles has transformed over the past 25 years and we aim to continue to grow with this great city and be central to its diverse arts and culture.

We will honor and expand upon our literary roots with quality programs that introduce a broader range of individuals whose books, ideas, writing, art and music, are driving public conversation.

We will connect front-page newsmakers with the young leaders of tomorrow for discussions that will help define civic engagement for future generations.

We are looking to blend familiar programs with bold new ideas that push the boundaries of what we are expected to produce.

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles is inspired by the mission of the Los Angeles Public Library and its commitment to welcoming everyone.

We pride ourselves on inclusion and innovation and look forward to your ideas as we plan the future.

Gwen Miller
Chair, Board of Directors

Robert Alvarado
Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Karen Stevenson

Tom Geiser

Debra Albin-Riley, Executive Committee
Betsy Applebaum, Executive Committee
Brendon Cassidy, Executive Committee
Carla Christofferson, Executive Committee
Robert Dawson, Executive Committee
Mark Hutchins, Executive Committee
Michael C. Kelley, Executive Committee

Ken Brecher

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