Location Location Location!

This week we have a sad bit of news and a couple of exciting bits of news.
First, the sad. Our friend Conrad Romo, the terrific curator and host of one of our favorite literary venues in the city, Tongue & Groove, will no longer be part of Writ Large Press. However, we hope to continue partnering up and collaborating in projects together in the future.
And now for some better news.


One, we got our proof copy of Antidote by José Luís Peixoto, our next title! It is gorgeous. There’s a couple of elements on the cover we’re going to redo and some formatting things that got screwy inside that we need to fix. Other than that, the writing is perfect and we’re more excited then ever!
Then there’s this. We’re about to do something completely different. It’s a project I sort of mentioned a few weeks back after we spent some time in New York, a collaboration with S2A.
Well, it’s here. Although we’re still hashing out details of exactly what we’re going to be doing, we’re going to be doing it at the end of May.
Writ Large Press is going underground in NYC!


In a way, we’re not doing something completely different. We have been striving to become mobile. I don’t just mean publish books and let people buy them from anywhere (duh). I mean actually be able to move around as an entity.
This is why we had the mobile bookstore built.
We want to create events that can travel. We want places to set up our mobile bookstore. We want to go underground all over the country.
So, let’s try this. I’m putting a call out to people who know of/have access to or have interesting ideas about:
• places, events, venues we can bring out our mobile bookstore. It could be public spaces (street, park) or private spaces (stores, lobby areas) or events/venues (concerts, readings, food trucks).
• lofts in downtown LA (for now) where we can hold a new monthly event called Lofty Conversation. We’d love to have it at a different loft each month, all around downtown. At some point, we’d be totally into taking it outside of downtown. Heck, outside of Los Angeles.
• underground spaces, such as tunnels, basements, bunkers, bomb shelters. They could be spaces that are currently used or that are shut up (as long as we can get access to them).
If you can help us build a database of the above type spaces, we’d much appreciate it. Leave all ideas and suggestions in the comments below.
Thank you for checking in on us again and for taking part in our projects with your ideas.

What are you looking for?