How to Look Rich – A Guide for Men

Let’s face it, rich people live in a completely different world than the rest of us. They fly private jets everywhere, don’t hesitate to drop $127,000 on a gold-plated iPhone and own several million-dollar homes in countries spread all across the globe.

Unless you win the lottery or plan to marry the child of a rockstar , there’s a slim chance that you’ll ever live as lavishly as the point-zero-one percent. But just because you don’t own a gold-plated iPhone or have a seaside home in the South of France doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself look like you do.

Gentlemen, it’s time to put down the lottery tickets and start putting your hard-earned money into your wardrobe instead. Here is your simple guide to looking like a millionaire without going completely broke in the process.

Skip the Flashy, Aim for Classy

There’s a common saying that goes, “new money talks, old money whispers.” People with new money tend to wear overly flashy clothes and are always first in line for the latest trends (Tom from Parks and Rec, anyone?), while old money people tend to wear classic pieces that will stand the test of time (think the grandfather from Gilmore Girls).

You want to look like old money—the type of wealth that spans multiple generations. These guys tend to keep their look stylish yet subtle by wearing khaki pants with a classic polo shirt and layered with a men’s pullover sweater for those extra chilly days on their humongous yacht. It’s a simple yet sophisticated look that will speak volumes without saying anything at all.

Get Your Clothes Tailored

Any average Joe can go out and buy stylish clothes. Looking absurdly good in those clothes takes a fine eye, insider knowledge on the best places to shop and, above all, an amazing tailor.

We get that not everyone is mega-rich and can afford a bespoke wardrobe. To get the look without destroying your bank account, find a tailor who can alter one or two of your favorite suits (a versatile navy or dark grey suit are both good candidates). After you get them tailored, add a tie and a pocket square to your look and be sure to thank us later when you finally get that long-awaited promotion.

Embrace Accessories

Accessories can help pull your entire look together and—if you play your cards right—can make you look swanky and important. To maximize your rich person vibes, pick up the following menswear accessories:

  • A sleek watch. Few accessories are more quintessentially rich-looking than a sleek watch. It doesn’t need to be a Rolex or have the ability to call the Batmobile, but make sure it looks high-quality and well-crafted.
  • A leather bag. Carrying a leather bag isn’t emasculating. It’s practical, stylish and hands down one of the best ways to signal your importance. Just don’t bring your leather bag to super casual places like the beach where you’ll look pretentious.
  • A high-quality belt for every occasion. If you haven’t upgraded your belt situation since high school, it’s time to invest in a few must-have belts for different occasions. Start by picking up a braided belt for casual outings and a nice leather belt for business casual/formal attire.

Invest in Your Footwear

You can wear the finest suit straight from Italy, a perfectly styled pocket square and a pair of trousers with nary a wrinkle in sight, but none of it will matter if you’re wearing cheap-looking shoes with scuff marks and cracks.
In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, researchers found that a person’s income, age and gender could be accurately guessed just by looking at a picture of their shoes. So, your faux-leather Oxfords you got at your mall’s department store? Yeah, those aren’t fooling anyone.

Simply put, you need to invest in your footwear if you want to fool people into thinking you’re filthy rich. Moreover, you need to polish them regularly to keep them looking classy.

Lean on Some Tried-and-True Combos

There are outfits worn by regular people, and then there are “I have money” outfits worn by the mega-rich. These carefully crafted ensembles are usually a mix of classic pieces with perhaps a hint of modern edge thrown in for good measure.

Want to look like you just strolled out of your city penthouse? Here are some style combos you need to try:

  • Turtleneck and your slickest suit. There are few style combos more sophisticated and posh-looking than the turtleneck and suit combo. Perfect for holiday parties and fancy date nights, this super-slick pairing will put you on the fast-track to earning legendary style status.
  • Polo shirt and a sweater tied around the shoulders. Wearing a striped polo shirt with a sweater tied around the neck is a move straight out of the country club style playbook. Wear it, own it and allow none of the peasant folk to give you grief for it.
  • Blazer and dark wash denim. If the polo shirt and sweater combo is a little too pretentious for you, consider wearing a classic sport shirt with a time-honored blazer and dark wash denim instead. Finish the look with Chelsea boots for a sharp ensemble that makes you look like you were just featured in an Inc. Magazine entrepreneurial success story.

Level Up Your Grooming Situation

While a huge part of looking rich comes from clothing alone, it’s not the only thing that makes a person appear rich. For example, you’ll never spot a rich guy sporting a haircut that looks like it came from a salon in the mall.

After you’ve invested so much into your high-quality wardrobe, it’s time to add the finishing touches by elevating your grooming game. First, get on a regular skincare regimen because rich guys have super-smooth skin with not a blemish in sight.

Next, start styling your hair (a good pomade is your secret weapon to better hair, FYI) and your beard. To tame your beard, moisturize it daily with beard oil to give it a softer, less frizzy appearance. Just a few small steps to your grooming routine can enhance your smart style and make you look insanely important.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that rich guys get more respect and have opportunities handed to them on a gold platter. If you want to reach a similar level of smug richness, you need to fake it until you make it. With these style tips, you can fool everyone into thinking you’re absolutely loaded without wrecking your bank account in the process.

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