Looking for a Beginners Drum Set? Here Are the Four Best Drumkit Manufacturers

Although we may not often think about it, drums are actually one of the oldest and most universal instruments known to man. Evidence of drums has been found in the ancient ruins of civilizations across the globe, in some places dating back to the time of the earliest humans. Their steady rhythm resonates within us today as much as it did in our ancestors. We cannot help but be drawn to them, and in every generation since the first, passionate drummers have answered the call.

But they did not start out as the skilled musicians that they became. Even the most talented drummers of today began with nothing more than perhaps a little skill and a lot of dedication. All the great drummers started out with the same basic equipment – more or less – and it was their hard work and practice that made them what they are.

With that said, the drummers of today definitely have certain advantages over their predecessors, so why not take advantage of the available technology? For beginner drummers, there are lots of drum kits out there that are not only good for learning on but also are made to suit the demands of modern life. There are new kits that are portable, foldable, and even ones that have built in teaching modes.

If you’re looking to purchase a beginner’s drum set, try looking at the ones sold by these top four manufacturers; they offer some of the best beginner drum kits on the market.

Ludwig Drums

Ludwig Drums is one of the most easily recognizable names in the instrument industry, beloved by both professional musicians and novice percussionists alike. They make a wide variety of high-quality drums, cymbals, and accessories. This quality extends down to even the cheapest of their products. If it bears the name Ludwig, you know it will be good.

As beginner drum sets go, their Ludwig Breakbeats is one of the best kits around. It is compact and easily portable – a major plus for transporting it to lessons or band practice. It also stores easily, making it ideal for small spaces. The Breakbeats is definitely stylish with its eye-catching sparkle finishes, but most importantly, it sounds great for its price point.

Gammon Percussion

Gammon Percussion is another great manufacturer, and they hold the current honor of having the best-selling beginner drum set on Amazon. The kit in question comes with five pieces, cymbals, a stool, pedal, and even drum sticks. According to DCP, the sound quality far surpasses what you would expect from a beginner’s kit.

The Gammon five-piece drum set also sells for a ridiculous low price and comes with a full warranty. But don’t let the price fool you – Gammon doesn’t skimp on quality to offer you a great value kit. They also stock a full selection of replacement parts, so you can easily repair or expand your kit.

Pearl Drums

Pearl is another big name in the music business, so it should be no surprise that they make one of the best starter drum kits that money can buy. The Pearl Roadshow comes with five drums and everything you need to get started. It also comes with high quality cymbals, which is unusual in a beginner kit. Beginner cymbals are, generally speaking, not the best.

The matte black finish also makes the kit look really cool – much more so than your average beginner kit. It would be right at home on the stage.

Tama Drums

Tama’s ImperialStar kit is a best seller because it is a great value for your money. The kit comes fully furnished and, like all Tama drums, is built to last. The five drums are accompanied by double braced hardware and a metal-based drum pedal, which is really unexpected for the price. This kit comes also with three, high quality Meinl HCS cymbals – quite a rarity for beginner drum kits.

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