Lori Zimmerman Solo Show ‘Mending’ To Open

“Mending,” a series of new works by contemporary fiber artist Lori Zimmerman, will open January 24 at the Dortort Center for Creativity in the Arts at UCLA Hillel. The show is curated by Perla Karney.

Lori uses embroidery and mixed media to explore expressions of aging, healing and mending. Speaking about her work, Lori says, “The pieces in this exhibition represent a sampling of work created over a five-year period. The impulse to create these works started while I was in the car returning home from my mother’s home. My mother was aging and I realized in helping her maintain her own home and a sense of independence, I was in effect, attempting to ‘mend her life and keep her whole.’ The drive from Orange County to Los Angeles can take quite a long time. As I meditated on that thought I came to realize that the concept of mending was really more universal. That in fact we all have the need to mend our own lives and relationships. And, sometimes our actions are an attempt to work with others to help mend the world. Over the years I played with this idea; at times incorporating aspect of the human body and at other times using a matrix to represent the fabric of life.”

This exhibition is Lori’s first solo show incorporating approximately 20 pieces. She embroiders on both paper and fabric, at times incorporating digital photography.

ARTIST STATEMENT: We spend a significant amount of time repairing, stitching, mending the skinned knee, the rent cloth, the aging muscles; clarifying misunderstandings, soothing the broken heart, healing the hurt from misplaced trust; and fighting injustices doled out in the larger world. With whatever skills we’ve accumulated over the years we take needle and thread, words and actions, alone and in community we attempt to find wholeness, regain functionality, work towards a sense of fairness and justice. We strive to mend ourselves, heal our relationships and repair our society. Nothing stays the same. Nothing defies decay. One stitch, one thought, one action at a time, repeated over and over, time and again, finding wholeness in rhythm, pattern and melody.”

Sara Canon, curator, writes that Lori’s work, “speaks both of natural beauty and aging and the trauma of contemporary life. It all is brought together visually through deft and delicate stitching showcasing the artist’s concept of beauty, healing and resilience through the act of mending. Her stitching, whether holding things together or keeping edges from fraying and destroying the fabric altogether, make the case of mending for purposes of saving and healing.”

Gindi Dining Hall, Hillel at UCLA
574 Hilgard Av
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Exhibition Opening, Thursday, January 24 from 7-9 PM
Gallery Hours Monday through Friday 10:00 – 4:00
Exhibition Dates: January 24 – March 22
Hourly parking is available in UCLA Lot #2 located across the street from Hillel at the corner of Hilgard Avenue and Westholme.

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