Lorinda Hawkins Smith: “Air”


Air is H2O? no.
Air is the breath of life.
Life to give, not yours to take
Air is fresh, Air is free, Air is between you and me
I need air
You need air
We need air
Air to breathe
Air to live
Give me some air
Err on the side of air
To much is given, much is required
This is the air I breathe
Give me some air
Take flight, take breath, take your own, don’t take mine
H 2 OOoooOOOOoohhh no
Help me

Air can be rare if you can’t pay the fare
With just one glare, where is the air?
Where? There?
With just a pair of
With just a tear of
The thought I can’t bear of
Who will care of?
Will they dare?
My need for air
Is it fair?
Where is the air?
Don’t just stare, don’t just glare
Give me air
Sell your wares
In the lion’s lair
2 Overcome with my need for air?
2 Help me breathe?
Help me breathe
Help me
H 2 Oooooh Nooooo
Help me 2 Live or Leave me alone
Help me 2 Breathe or Leave me to die
Hear my cries
Hear my pleas
Have 2 Own up to the gifts we bare
The gift to breathe
The gift to live
The gift to hear
The gift to see
Can you hear me breathe?
Can you see me choke?
Can you care for the air I need?
H 2 OooooOOoohhh No
Not if the air you breathe is in my vicinity
Not if your need to breathe stops my divinity
Air if you must
Air if you need
Err on the side of Air
Air you can see Air you can touch
To some it matters, to others, not much
Air to live Air to move
It is in You I live, move and have my being
My spirit
My breath
My air
Breath of life, I give it back to You
Giver of life Giver of breath
It is Yours to take, It is Yours to give
The air I breathe is just for a moment
For what is man but a vapor
Here today and tomorrow not
But it is You who value my breath
It is You who value my air
It is You who wants me to take up air
To take up space
To make space
Space is made
Space is taken
Space is given
Take up the space
Take up the air
It was bought with a price
And the price wasn’t fair
Take up the space
Take up the air
You were bought for a price
And the price wasn’t fair
My breath belongs to me alone
Who are you to take what I own?


(Author phot0 by Vanessa Crocini)

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